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Two of the Most Common Signs of Termite Infestations in Sacramento

Termites are common in and around Sacramento, and that means residents always need to be on guard against them. Failing to identify or respond to an infestation of termites can lead to far too much damage to a home or other structure.

Sacramento termite inspection and control services are always ready to help ensure that such problems never need to be dealt with. Recognizing the most common signs of termites in Sacramento will make it easy to know when the time is right to call for help.

Most Termite Problems Can Be Identified and Ended Early On

It always takes termites some time to devour and digest enough wood to cause significant amounts of damage. In most cases, it will be possible to identify the signs of a problem long before that moment arrives.

What it takes in every case is simply being aware of the signals that are most likely to crop up. When any of the following becomes apparent, scheduling a complete termite inspection will almost always be wise:

Termite tubes. As fairly small insects that have biological needs to see to, termites can be quite vulnerable at times. One important way that termites protect themselves and others of their species is to build and use tube-like structures that provide them with shelter and moisture. These distinctive looking tubes will often be found in places where termites are most active, and their location will provide clues as to the nature and extent of the infestation, as well. Homeowners most often notice termite tubes when the insects begin building them along walls and residential foundations.

Droppings. Termites consume and digest large amounts of wood once they have become established, and most of the material that goes into them must make its way back out. When termites are busy eating a particular piece of wood, they will produce distinctive piles of droppings that can quickly grow quite large. Because the insects are fairly organized about removing this waste from their nests, these mounds will often be among the most noticeable signs of their presence.

Getting in Touch with the Experts is Always Best

Whenever signs like these become apparent around a home, calling a highly regarded termite control service for help will always be advisable. Letting a termite problem go unaddressed for too long will mean subjecting a house to more damage than necessary, and that will always be undesirable. Fortunately, simple being vigilant and informed is all that it will normally take to keep termites under control.